And there was light – Act 1

A lamp in less than 10 min & 10 euros ?

Make a graphic pendant lamp combining rattan and tie &dye is easy as an IKEA GADDIS basket. How to be top of interior design trends with a single hobby knife stroke. Natural materials as rattan are fashionable, they bring a warm touch to your interior. Rattan lattice is graphic and die & dye effect is making a powerful comeback. I purpose you a simple way to lighten your house of a trendy touch.

To make your lamp, you need :

an IKEA GADDIS basket of 32 cm diameter – 5 €

but MAGGA basket might also be nice

a cord set, here I used IKEA HEMMA cord set – 4 €

a hobby knife

and 10 minutes to make and install it

DIY IKEA GADDIS lamp lampeDIY IKEA GADDIS lamp lampe cutterDIY IKEA GADDIS lamp lampe cut couperDIY IKEA GADDIS lamp lampe easy facileDIY IKEA GADDIS lamp lampe result

How to make it?

turn round your basket, at the center cut an approximately 6cm side square

screw your lamp socket on the basket to install the cord set

install your lamp

with all the time & money saved by creating your unique & design lamp, relax & enjoy !

To be continued…see you later for a new brilliant idea.

This post was written by Daphne

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