A milling story

Barbegal aqueduct & Daudet mill in Fontvieille

After a drizzling Saturday, no way to stay indoor Sunday while radiant sun announced Spring first signs. Direction Arles and Alpilles for a walk on historical Provence tracks.

Arrived at Fontvieille, coats are relegated in car boot. Front of us, one of the most important roman flour milling. Barbegal aqueduct, which irrigate it, was more than fifty kilometres long. During Antique time, he allowed Arles inhabitants to have access to fresh water but also made work 8 hydraulic wheat mills, considered as probably the most important during Antiquity. It produced up to 4 tons of flour a day – rather impressive isn’t it?


Rustling reeds

A day out in Camargue

Last Saturday, summer came back to say goodbye with a bright sunshine that warms us & thermometer is displaying 24 °c. No time to waste, let’s quickly leave to breathe in nature. Days are already short but we have a project: a bicycle tour in Camargue. For a long time we had not gone there; in summer, very little shadow and hordes of mosquitoes ready to devour us – in winter wind can blow strong in these vast spaces. But today, it’s just perfect. (suite…)

Sunny afternoon

An afternoon in Uzes area

Sunday, we could almost breathe the smells of summer perfume. It is at this precise moment of the year that I’m delighted to live here. Not for the Cevennes phenomenon that can transform my whole town in a pool in a few hours of deluge but for those days stole to summer, when we thought it was already tiptoes gone. (suite…)