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How to write my home exchange listing ? 

15 years ago, we made our first home exchange. We had a few months old baby and dreamt to discover Montreal but without staying in a hotel bedroom, so inconvenient for a family. We also though it was too bad to leave our beloved home empty during our trip.

The idea of home exchange emerged as obviousness. It was much less spread at that moment, so we bought a computer and subscribe to our first internet access to start this adventure. We just had 20 hours of connection a month, and it seemed huge to us.

First stage consisted in putting our home exchange listing online. Since it, we moved, did again our offer several times and made more than 15 home exchanges. In fact, arrived at the fifteenth, I simply gave up counting.

How to make an efficient home exchange listing to conclude your first one ?


20 benefits of home exchange

We left for 5 weeks in New Zealand thanks to a home exchange, where I’m writing this post. I love this way of travelling and this new wonderful experience, perfect in any way, gave me the desire to list home exchange main advantages.

Why exchanging your home is a good idea ?

Almost 15 years ago, in July 2001, we made our first home exchange & spent 3 weeks in Montreal. It was a beautiful experience, and since then, we never stopped. We just stopped counting at the fifteenth home exchange. These experiences allowed us to discover places that we would never have thought to visit, make off the beaten tracks experiences that enriched us a lot. I’m often asked questions on this subject… is it risky, how to organize it, what should we think about ?

I would like to share my experience with you and start with the fundamental question – why exchange house?  Here are, for me, 20 benefits of home exchange : (suite…)