my paper crane masking tape mural decoration

How to make a large wall decoration with less than € 3 & 10 min?  

At the Be Frenchie house, most walls are white. It’s bright, relaxing and puts volumes in value. But, above all, this sober base allows to have fun. Decoration isn’t fixed, and, at the moment, I crave for origami. I bought a lovely handcraft paper crane patterned T Shirt on Etsy, a little present arrived from from Melbourne for Phileas, and we immediately wished to reproduce this pattern as a wall decor.

But how to trace a giant pattern on a wall without damaging it?

I racked my brain and found THE solution. It’s very simple, just take a roll of masking tape, a projector and your pattern.

DIY make a wall decor in masking tape with a projector

And here’s how we made an easy masking tape mural decoration :


We used Adobe Capture CC free app to vectorize the pattern and project it on the wall. In less than 10 minutes, our paper crane was ready to fly. For the price of a roll of masking tape, the room is transformed. And when we’ll want to change the decor, we’ll just have to take it off, painting will not be damaged.

DIY facile décoration murale en masking tape origami paper crane

In addition, this idea can easily be personalized. According to the pattern, masking tape color, wall texture, result will be different. Did this video made you want to unroll masking tape? (Or even listen to Jimmy Fontana songs ? )

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