Roman game

Another way to discover Alyscamps Roman necropolis in Arles with children

On Sunday, we embarked Virgile & his bike to stroll in Arles. This provencal town, developped by Roman has a wonderful heritage. We wanted to go back to its green version of Champs Elysees. Or rather called Alyscamps in Provencal translation. This necropolis, that Romans called «city of deceased » and Saint-Honorat Medieval church are unique testimony of Arles history.

Vincent Van Gogh & Paul Gauguin, who lived nearby, often came painting in this inspiring place.

This important UNESCO world heritage site is beautiful but it’s nevertheless rather difficult to passionate a 4 years old boy for old stones. Thus, I had an idea. Why not to transform this visit of Alyscamps in a kind of tourist rally?


Goodbye indian pink

bedroom makeover : BEFORE / AFTER

I spend at least 7 hours a day in my bedroom and if in the first years I adored this indian pink, it was now time to change – it was fading since too long. Materials were bought since last summer, so bedroom makeover was one of my decorative priorities when coming back of New Zealand. Beware, the result is dark.

I was a bit afraid of graphite grey on walls then, I saw Jordan of Ohhappyday bedroom and I forgot my prejudices. OK, I nevertheless thought a year and painted a single wall but intent remains.



bataclan piano

A pianist arriving in front of Le Bataclan concert venue, Paris, Saturday 14.11.2015

“The entire earth is my homeland and the human family is my clan.”

Khalil Gibran

Shocked. It’s the only word coming in my mind since Friday, when we discovered this barbarity in Paris. Since then, we thinkto the victims, survivors, and the world we will leave to our children. We want to huddle together to warm up and still and always believe in the power of love.

Difficult today to resume a normal life but more than ever I want to share beauty and softness to embellish daily life. Tonight I turn off screens & lit a candle to celebrate life and the beauty of our little planet world with music in memory of Thomas, Elodie, Hamila, Guillaume, Fabrice, Juan Alberto, Mathieu, Pierre, Asta, Cedric, Marie, Quentin, Aurelie, Manu, Valentin, Lola, Thierry, and all the other victims of terrorist attacks and beloved ones.

(what a wonderful world spotify)

Take care, Daphne

Between source & sea

A day in Lyon

Last Tuesday I embarked Phileas for a day in Lyon, just the two of us, at the occasion of the art biennale. 1:10 later, a fast train left us at Part-Dieu station & 5 minutes after we were already biking across the city to join the brand new Confluences museum. I wasn’t returned to Lyon since very long and have been really impressed by the city transformation. We joined Rhone River banks, now a pedestrian zone and biked along it to reach the end of the peninsula. (suite…)