French brioche loaf, the perfect breakfast recipe

Bigouden style brioche loaf recipe by Morgane


Thanks so much Morgane for sharing with us today this typical French brioche loaf recipe inherited from your aunt, Suzanne. Bigouden county is the south-west part of Brittany, in France. I already venerated Morgane for her fabulous scone recipe that ended months of missed trials where even BBC recipe failed.

When Morgane kindly shared her French brioche loaf recipe, needless to say that we rushed to test it. Easy as child’s play, Virgile helped me to make it. We added chocolate & rum to the original version but next time we’ll try it plain.

Here is Morgane Bigouden brioche recipe :


Winning duet

Pineapple puff pastry recipe

Like a Jedi of pastry, I follow my quest of easy pastry recipes to satiate my starving hoard. Here’s a small improvisation which many licking fingers encouraged me to share. Pineapple and chocolate is a winning duet at home – especially when they invite rum, cardamom and vanilla for a flavored dessert.


Belgian flavor

biscoff beef stew – a 100 % Belgian recipe

Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure to welcome previous home exchange partners, a lovely couple from Netherlands. Stay in contact and create friendships with people all around the world is one of home exchange greatest pleasure. To honor my guests and in my Belgian citizenship, I prepared a typical Belgian dish, a carbonnade with biscoff cookies, sort of Flemish version of English beef stew.

This dish kept childhood taste for me. Twisted with spices and biscoff ( speculoos ), a traditional Belgian cookie, this beef stew takes a sweet and sour flavor. It’s called carbonnade in Belgium – so delicious and yet so simple to prepare ! (suite…)

Vitamins for winter

avocado – grapefruit – smoked salmon verrine ready in 5 min


It’s so simple that I’m not even sure it’s appropriate to put it in recipe category. But I tellmyself that my older boy might perhaps be happy to dig some quick & easy recipes. And after all, a full of vitamins starter ready in 5 min is always good to take isn’t it ?

Leftover it’s over

Banana and chocolate french toast

Since yesterday, mistral wind got up & lift everything on its way. Gusts spikes clothes layers, so we warm up at home. After school, boys claimed for some french toast for tea. A banana was abandonned in the fruit bowl, already ripe and brown. Why not take advantage to experiment a bit?
10 minutes later, banana & chocolate french toast crash-test achieved, everybody was licking plates. I thought you might also have some stale bread and ripe banana only waiting to be transformed into tea feast to treat hungry horde in minutes.
Looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive tea time recipe ? Let’s make it !