Candy thieving magpie

DIY – a quick and cheap magpie costume for Halloween

After a break for a crazy day in Lyon yesterday – I tell you that quickly, I purpose you to continue Halloween special week.

And to make a tour in your neighborhood on the 31th, impossible to leave your house without a costume – but sometime we lack of time to transform our self in neighbor terror. Luckily, Be Frenchie comes to your rescue ! And here comes flying to you a candy thieving magpie costume made in a jiffy thanks to our downloadable templates.

To make “a trick or a treat”, do it under your candy thieving magpie secret identity. With this costume, you’ll land with grace at your neighbor front door and thanks to your huge front pocket you’ll fly off easily with your sweets ! And by chance of rain? No problem, you & your treats will be well sheltered under your waterproof poncho.

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To make this costume, you need :

IKEA KNALLA black rain poncho

Printer & sheets

For the advanced version of the mask : foam A4 sheets : 1 black & 1 white

30 cm of black elasticated thread

BF_Template_oiseau_Simple_protected_enBF_Template_oiseau_Advanced_protected_en-01Lettering-costume-halloween-2015+yellow_protected_en-01deguisement Halloween costume template telecharger

How to make it?

Download the templates

Display your rain poncho in front of you – alternatively, you can use a black T-Shirt

Cut letters on corresponding template and glue them with textile glue – if you wish to reuse the poncho, you can glue the letters on black tape and then tape them on the poncho, they will be easy to remove at once

To make the mask, you’ve got two options :

Simple version – print & cut the simple template of the mask, punch holes & attach with elasticated thread

Advanced version – transfer the advanced version of mask template on a black foam sheet, cut the mask form. Then, transfer letters marked forms on white foam sheet, glue them at corresponding places.  Use a circle cut yellow sheet or marker to make magpie eye. Punch holes & attach with elasticated thread

Those templates are in good quality PDF format.

All templates can be downloaded here

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We enjoyed a lot making this costume and we’re excited to disguise ourselves next Saturday to surprise our neighbours. We’ll also invite our invisible man to join us to our our tour, so it will be impossible to finish wet. If you make this thieving magpie, send us your picture by Instagram @be.frenchie or twitter @befrenchie_blog, we would love to see you costumed.

Thanks so much to Phileas, my computer master who did those templates especially for you.

This post was written by Daphné

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Stefanie Garcia
Stefanie Garcia
26 octobre 2015 15 h 33 min

This is just SO Darling!!!! Love It!