Dressed with love

Children activity : make your T-shirt

My young reader is drawing all day long. As soon he comes back from school, he set up at his desk and draw, paint, glue or stamp. Virgile is discovering literacy and write on any support that comes into his hands. Between two homemade books, I purposed to my little boy to personalize his own Tee shirts. A very simple but successful activity. Virgile is so proud to wear the beloved T-shirt on which he draws the whole family.


story maker

Children activity : make a book to learn to read

My little 4 1/2 year old boy loves being read to, but likes even more to invent his own stories. Since he was a  baby, he has his bookcase in his bedroom and books are at its disposal.  He enjoys listening us reading them for him, discovering new stories or retrieving favourites.

I think that it’s the most important, simply enjoying to open a book. Learn to read also has to be a game, we can play with words to tame them. To have fun with literacy, one of Virgile favourite activities is to make his own books. Create books with stories and illustrations he imagines – unique books that will accompany him in literacy discovery.


25 tips for flying with children

For serene long haul flight with children

Thursday, we crossed the world and spent 25 hours flying to come back from New Zealand to France, a 19 000 km journey. We regularly have the chance to travel, sometimes far, but it imply spending long hours flying with children. This time we could hardly have go further so I prepared myself to this long-haul flight with a four year old child. Over years I have compiled some ideas to peacefully fly with children and make journeys as comfortable as possible for them & us.


Heading 2016

Thursday night, lying in the grass facing the bay, we watched Auckland fireworks illuminating 2016 first minutes. We had the chance to see Sydney fireworks 4 years ago, impressive and highly prized. To have a free grass square to install, we arrived there at 7:00 PM, but crowd was already compact. Some camped since the day before, bravely waiting clock to strikes midnight.



Christmas day in New Zealand

On the 25th, we followed kiwi flow to beaches. Usually deserted, on that day, they’re invaded by joyous crowd, Christmas hat on head and flip flops at feet. Christmas is very relaxed here, families settle in open air, bringing all necessary material for a successful lazy day: tents, chairs, tables and picnic ware, or even barbecues, games, not to forget mountains of food. Christmas day in New Zealand invariably starts by a big picnic, then everyone is free to choose its activities; swimming, paddle-board, endless cricket game or bush walk. Nature is beautiful and makes the most amazing playground for family fun.