Forget mass market advent calendar to your own. This graphic design Advent calendar DIY is made with a lot of love, a bit of patience, some paper and wood

Do you realize Christmas is in just a month ? We have barely packed up our Halloween costume that it’s already time to prepare the arrival of the man in red coat. This year, I’m dreaming of a simple Christmas homemade with natural materials, with a graphic and scandinavian design. I have prepared some simple Christmas DIY that I’m very excited to show you. Let’s start with this graphic design Advent calendar DIY : (more…)


Christmas day in New Zealand

On the 25th, we followed kiwi flow to beaches. Usually deserted, on that day, they’re invaded by joyous crowd, Christmas hat on head and flip flops at feet. Christmas is very relaxed here, families settle in open air, bringing all necessary material for a successful lazy day: tents, chairs, tables and picnic ware, or even barbecues, games, not to forget mountains of food. Christmas day in New Zealand invariably starts by a big picnic, then everyone is free to choose its activities; swimming, paddle-board, endless cricket game or bush walk. Nature is beautiful and makes the most amazing playground for family fun.

Xmas in the Kiwi way – act 2

We spend Christmas barefoot down under. Christmas is celebrated in great style in Kiwiland and nobody hesitate to put his red cap. On Christmas day, we’ll join New Zealanders, cap on head, to spend a day at the beach around a barbecue but, in the meantime, we take advantage of Xmas excitement in Auckland, and especially in Franklin Road. (more…)

Wrapped with love

Ideas for homemade gift wrap

Last 3 days before a red dressed gentleman break into your house to place at the foot of your Xmas tree all those pretty packages.  Why not give him a helping hand & help to package all the wonderful surprises he chose for beloved ones ?  (more…)

Xmas Origami

Thousand origami crane legend

This year, we have decorated our home for Christmas without Xmas tree, leaving them in pease in their forests. Seeing out of sight Xmas trees plantations refrained me to buy one since. We wanted an alternative as much symbolic decoration. After 3 D giant letters DIY, we have installed a decoration above the table where we eat. We changed background mural decoration for winter shades and suspended an origami paper crane garland just above the table.. (more…)