grocery bag costume

A grocery bag costume for Halloween

Grocery bag costume is so easy to make for Halloween, all you need is a paper bag, some cardboard and this printable

Why not make a grocery bag costume ?

An ideal last-minute Halloween costume

Halloween is arriving quickly and you might be looking for an easy last-minute Halloween costume idea ? No panic, Be Frenchie is coming at your rescue. If you have a paper bag and some cardboard, it’s still time to transform yourself into a grocery bag costume. And it might even be the cheapest Halloween costume you’ve ever made !

Halloween pumpkin

A delicious pumpkin & coconut milk soup without cow milk

For Halloween, I wanted to share with you one of our favorite personal recipe, an easy-to-make seasonal soup that we conceived and love at Be Frenchie house. This pumpkin – coconut milk soup perfumed with verbena & coriander has Asiatic accents. Light, it contain low fat and is perfect for lactose intolerance or allergy as it’s made without cow milk. In short, it’s a healthy and delicious meal, always appreciated at home. And still in the recycling spirit that animate us, nothing easier to impress to your guests than serve it directly in the pumpkin, Halloween shivers guaranteed ! (more…)

Candy thieving magpie

DIY – a quick and cheap magpie costume for Halloween

After a break for a crazy day in Lyon yesterday – I tell you that quickly, I purpose you to continue Halloween special week.

And to make a tour in your neighborhood on the 31th, impossible to leave your house without a costume – but sometime we lack of time to transform our self in neighbor terror. Luckily, Be Frenchie comes to your rescue ! And here comes flying to you a candy thieving magpie costume made in a jiffy thanks to our downloadable templates. (more…)

Invisible man is singin’ in the rain

Halloween decoration made with recycled

Let’s go for Halloween special week on Be Frenchie. For once, we were happy it rains on a Sunday, we took advantage of it to DIY with 6 hands. For Halloween, we wanted to create an easy-to-make & poetic decoration.

We also challenged ourselves to make it only with recycled items that we already own.

And the result? An invisible man well sheltered under his umbrella. It’s decorating Virgile bedroom until Halloween, and we’ll take it with us for our sweets tour on the 31th of October. So, we’ll be well accompanied to visit neighbors, and sheltered in case of rain. (more…)