Wrapped with love

Ideas for homemade gift wrap

Last 3 days before a red dressed gentleman break into your house to place at the foot of your Xmas tree all those pretty packages.  Why not give him a helping hand & help to package all the wonderful surprises he chose for beloved ones ?  (more…)

Xmas Origami

Thousand origami crane legend

This year, we have decorated our home for Christmas without Xmas tree, leaving them in pease in their forests. Seeing out of sight Xmas trees plantations refrained me to buy one since. We wanted an alternative as much symbolic decoration. After 3 D giant letters DIY, we have installed a decoration above the table where we eat. We changed background mural decoration for winter shades and suspended an origami paper crane garland just above the table.. (more…)

3D giant letter

Xmas decoration with diverted construction materials – DIY store hack

Every year it’s a pleasure to decorate our home before Santa Claus visit. But this time I add new game rule: create a cheap decoration with building material. DIY stores are Aladdin’s cave. They’re filled with low cost supplies just waiting to be hacked. At the end of alley, here is an excellent idea; extruded polystyrene panels. Usually used for floor insulation, they could be a great material to create large graphic letters I want since long. Let’s try together? Just 3$ a panel, it’s worth trying to make a giant letter.  (more…)

my paper crane masking tape mural decoration

How to make a large wall decoration with less than € 3 & 10 min?  

At the Be Frenchie house, most walls are white. It’s bright, relaxing and puts volumes in value. But, above all, this sober base allows to have fun. Decoration isn’t fixed, and, at the moment, I crave for origami. I bought a lovely handcraft paper crane patterned T Shirt on Etsy, a little present arrived from from Melbourne for Phileas, and we immediately wished to reproduce this pattern as a wall decor.

But how to trace a giant pattern on a wall without damaging it?

I racked my brain and found THE solution. It’s very simple, just take a roll of masking tape, a projector and your pattern. (more…)

Pirate attack


No brain pirate birthday party

Saturday, my pirate invited his friends to celebrate is 4th anniversary.  Program of his pirate birthday party ? Society games, pirates ancestors lost treasure hunt, battle of the pirates, egg race with medal for everyone, pirate masks DIY, not forgetting pirate cake of course ! (more…)