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String art DIY made easy 

When I was born, clogs, Bee Gees and string art where trendy. If both first made a deafening comeback, why not give a second chance to string art too ?

Regularly, I like to add new twist to our home decoration. And being on a budget should never prevent of big ideas. I wanted to make something graphic and coloured for Phileas’s bedroom. It was the perfect occasion to try a string art DIY, but with a contemporary twist.

This target string art is easy to make with a kid from 8 years old. The only repetitive task is the nailing stage, but once you have started tightening thread, it can become really addictive !

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Would you like to make your first string art ? No panic, Be Frenchie is here to explain you string art step by step and the template is ready to be downloaded.

Here is how to make this target string art DIY :

Equipment – to be bought, or to dig in your toolbox

  • MDF board of 50 x 50 cm
  • wide-head nail
  • wall fixing for the board
  • hammer
  • adhesive tape
  • white painting
  • optional: coloured painting for the edge
  • brush
  • embroidery floss: black, red, yellow, green, light blue and dark blue ( you’ll need 2 skeins of 8m long for the external circle)
  • printed template on 6 A4 sheets, free to donwload here under

Promised, this string art DIY isn’t at all complicate or expensive. It’s a perfect afternoon project which costs me less than 15 euros.


easy string art tutorialmural decor diyheart shaped diycomment faire du string artstring nail artfathers day design diygraphic string art

How to make this string art DIY ?

  • follow outlines to cut the printables along dotted lines
  • put them together edge-to-edge with the tape
  • place the pattern in the centre of the MDF board
  • then fix it with the tape
  • nail every dot of the pattern, try to keep your nails height regular
  • when all the pattern is stitched of nails, take the paper away
  • attach the wall fixing at the back of the board
  • with a big round brush, paint the whole board, including nails in white
  • paint like stenciling to cover nails without leaving traces
  • if necessary, add a second layer of painting
  • once white painting is dry, why not contrast edge with a coloured painting?

diy flechettesstring art tutorialdesign string art

Now, that we have a base, it’s time to make the proper string art DIY :

  • tighten red thread on heart shape :
  • tie the thread on a nail and let 5 cm lenght after the knot
  • with the red thread follow the heart shape tightening well the thread
  • regularly, turn the thread around a nail to fix it
  • once you have make all the heart contour, fill the heart by tightening it randomly between nails
  • don’t forget to regularly turn the thread around nails
  • when you’re satisfied of the heart aspect, return the thread to the departure nail and to tie it on the 5 cm length you kept at this attention
  • proceed the same manner for the dart with the black thread
  • in case of doubt on nails corresponding to the template, refer to printable
  • then make concentric circles
  • don’t forget to always begin tightening the thread around the external line of the circle before filling it
  • and so on up to the last circle
  • and voila, your string art is finished!

It was a true child’s play isn’t it?



string art patterndiy fete des peresdiy tableau graphiquemodern string arthow to make string artdecor mural diy

Once started, thread quickly gives shape to your string art DIY and it quickly takes form, which is really rewarding. Photos don’t show it accuretaly, but I like how light create shadows behind threads, giving that lovely airy feeling to my string art.

string artdiy graphiquestring art diy


I already really like my string art and I will soon try a new string art DIY. I think origami style string art might be a great idea.

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