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How to make some masking tape stickers

Why not make your own masking tape stickers ? 

No way to go back on Holidays, school is starting in a few days now. Supplies and school bag are purchased, but we wanted to personalize a bit all this standard mass market stationery.

Why not catch the opportunity to create handmade masking tape stickers ? Looking at my collection of masking tape rolls, I wondered if they could be transformed in stickers to label our stationery. What a successful test ! Our handmade masking tape stickers are lovely and it’s such a brilliant family DIY. Virgile enjoyed a lot to make them and it would be a great activity to keep busy little ones before school start. Do you like our DIY masking tape stickers ?

Principle is really simple : I printed my stickers template on baking paper. Then I filled stickers shapes and cut them out. A really easy task, let me explain in details this easy DIY :

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Let me explain you how to make those masking tape stickers


To make this masking stickers DIY, you’ll need:

  • some rolls of masking tape, remember to vary colors and width
  • it works better if you mix light and dark or shades
  • baking paper
  • ruler, pencil, scissors
  • ready to print template to download just below:

BF_Washy tape stickers preview-01


Explanations to make you own masking tape stickers :

  • cut an A4 sheet in your baking paper
  • it’s very simple to do: place one standard A4 sheet on baking paper, use the rule to report dimensions, then cut
  • download the template to print it on the A4 baking sheet
  • if the baking paper is thin, simply fix it on a normal sheet of paper with some masking tape to double it when printing and prevent it from tearing into the printer
  • once your sheet made of baking paper is printed, place masking tape on the stickers shapes
  • layover each masking tape band over the previous one to consolidate stickers
  • to avoid seeing overlays, place dark colors over light
  • have fun, play with shapes and patterns
  • once all stickers forms are filled with masking tape, return your sheet
  • cut out the stickers shapes
  • and now, you just have to peel of gently your masking tape stickers
  • isn’t it a nice way to create your own stickers ?

washi tape diystickers en washi tape

I really had a fun time making them. It’s such a nice way to use my masking tape stock, one of my favourite material to improvise some quicks DIY. By the way, have you seen how I made a giant origami bird in masking tape ?

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