My Summer favorite

A healthy pizza recipe for Summer : rocket & beef carpaccio pizza

Discovered and adopted this Spring in Porto this carpaccio pizza is already a favorite at Be Frenchie house. Light and healthy, carpaccio pizza is also simple to prepare. If you’re looking for an easy summer recipe, I’m sure you’ll like this one :


made with pumpernickel

Smoked salmon – avocado – radish toast recipe for Spring

Do you know pumpernickel? It’s a flavored compact dark complete rye bread coming from Germany. I like to use it to make gourmet toast, when I have no time, or desire to make a proper meal. Accompanied by a soup, it makes in a couple of minutes an improvised but balanced meal.

Here’s my favorite toast with those lovely Spring crispy radishes: a smoked salmon – avocado – radish toat made with pumpernickel.

Fresh & tasty

Easy thai noodles recipe

I have marvellous memories of thai food. In Thailand, even street food – oh no, wait, especially street food prove to be delightful and fresh – a perfect mix of tasty perfumes and textures. Often, days fly by so quickly that it isn’t always easy to renew recipes & offer to my hungry horde varied, balanced and quick meals. Fortunately, thai street food is a wonderful inspiration to prepare in 15 minutes one of our favourite meals; chicken and coconut milk thai noodles. (more…)

Orange is the happiest Colour – Frank Sinatra

Koningsdag, King’s Day in Amsterdam

On Wednesday, it was Koningsdag, King’s Day in Amsterdam. It truly reflects Dutch way of life, it isn’t a pompous ceremony but a simple and warm holiday overflowing in the city and a chance for everyone to have fun. The whole city and inhabitants adorn orange, Dutch King’s color, for the event. From children stalls to classical music concerts & boat techno parade, everybody is welcome in Koningsdag and each will find the perfect place to feast. (more…)