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Electric boat tour on Amsterdam canals

Why embark on an overcrowded boat following a standardised tour while you can rent your own boat to discover Amsterdam canals in complete freedom ? We rented an electric boat for 3 hours and brung you back a little video of this unique cruise on Amsterdam canals :

Amsterdam à fleur d’eau from Daphné P on Vimeo.

Beware, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, with our electrical boat, we even made gusts to 4.5 km / h, but in complete silence. It was such a funny adventure; we passed completely lengthened under amsterdam lowest bridges, and with me as skipper of our boat, I should admit we were somtime going around in circle. Eventually, it was arranged as soon Phileas navigate us. We met other sailors, have been taken in photos as the typical dutch family by foreign tourists and even found a geocache only accessible by boat.

Boat rental company warned us; with our modest vessel, we were at the complete bottom of food chain. We should better leave priority in ALL other boats. Arrived at the first crossing, on a channel where pass many good transport barges, I felt a bit nervous to sail facing one these mastodons. It finnaly didn’t happen and we entered in smallest canals, where amsterdam inhabitants live just above water. We discovered there are one-way only canals, dead ends, and even traffic signs.

bateau sans permis amsterdamlouer un bateau amsterdamgeocache electric boat amsterdamgeocaching canal amsterdam

We enjoyed any single minute of this cruise. And then, there was this famous geocache under a bridge, only accessible by boat. It was well hidden and I missed in the first passage. As usual with me, it ended turning in a circle. On the way back, Phileas was at the command for a second victorious passage !

After cruising back our electric boat to Westerpark, we had a gourmet break at the closest cafe. De Bakkerswinkel cafe in Westerpark offers some yummy hot chocolate, carrot cake and scones. This is an address I’ll carefully keep for next time in Amsterdam !

De Bakkerswinkel amsterdamDe Bakkerswinkel westerpark amsterdam

Where to rent an electric boat in Amsterdam :

If you are a group of more than 4 people, renting an electric boat to discover Amsterdam canals will not be more expensive than to make a classical cruise. A classic touristic cruise costs 16€ by adult for a cruise of 75 minutes. Electrical boat rental, without licence, costs us to 79€ for 3 hours, but the boat can accomodate 6 passengers. I incidentally booked the electric boat from the least expensive hire companies, Boats4rent. I was impressed by their services; weaher was disapointing during our week in Amsterdam. They called twice to offer to move our rental and to find together the better moment, and change without extra our rental to a more expensive time slot. We even brung back the boat a bit later, had a detailed sailing explanations, good advices, a great map, all served with a big smile.

I will not hesitate to sail again with them during our next trip to Amsterdam. After all, we still have a lot of canals to discover !

Boats4rent is in Westerpark, a park created around WesterGasFabriek, an ancient gas factory transformed in cinema, restaurants, cafes and shops. We enjoyed a lot this park, worth the journey from Amsterdam old town. It’s a great family day out as there’s even a free petting farm for children.

Many cafes are installed in Westerpark but we incidentally walked in De Bakkerswinkel, our best gourmet pause during our stay in Amsterdam. We craved for their scones and carrot cake but midday lunches were also looking yummy and prices are reasonnable. De Bakkerswinkel have other branches, and one of them is right in the city centre.


Would you be tempted by an electric boat cruise on Amsterdam canals ?

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