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Birdhouse box template ready to print

When baking a special treat for a beloved one, we wish to find a box as lovely as our present. This birdhouse box template is ideal to giftwrap a cupcake, some cookies or sweet. Labelled “free as a bird”, this birdhouse box might be the perfect present to say thank you teacher before holidays.

It’s really simple to make with a free template ready to print.

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How to make this birdhouse box ? It’s a doddle : just print the template, cut, glue and your box is ready to receive a cupcake, cookies, macaroons, or any other present. Promised, your birdhouse box DIY will be ready in less than 5 minutes !

Details of the birdhouse box DIY :

  • download the box printable
  • print 2 pages on some thick paper, if possible 200 gr min.
  • cut it following outline, preferably with a hobby or stanley knife
  • hollow out circle
  • fold up tongues to build your birdhouse box
  • using your stnaley knife to make a fine line on creases before folding them will ease your task
  • glue tongues together, if possible with a glue gun
  • fill the box of macaroons, cupcake, cookies or any other present
  • for my part, I slipped macaroons
  • place the roof by fixing it with some glue dots
  • put the loveliest smile on your face to give your handmade birdhouse box !

Small practical details

  • this birdhouse box measures 6 cm aside and 8 cm high, its dimensions are ideal for a cupcake for example
  • you can also download a version without pattern so you can also decorate it yourself


And voila, you have made a unique cupcake box !

printable cupcake boxdiy cupcake box

Can you guess from wich famous band is inspired “free as a bird” message ?

printable boite nichoirbirdhouse box

I want to draw it myself


made with Freepik

And don’t forget to make a cupcake for yourself too, you deserve it !

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