nouilles thai lait de coco

Fresh & tasty

Easy thai noodles recipe

I have marvellous memories of thai food. In Thailand, even street food – oh no, wait, especially street food prove to be delightful and fresh – a perfect mix of tasty perfumes and textures. Often, days fly by so quickly that it isn’t always easy to renew recipes & offer to my hungry horde varied, balanced and quick meals. Fortunately, thai street food is a wonderful inspiration to prepare in 15 minutes one of our favourite meals; chicken and coconut milk thai noodles. (more…)

chalkboard flower pot

Chalk it up

A chalkboard flower pot DIY tutorial

I always feel a bit sad for cutted flowers bunches. Even if some flowers bouquets are splendid, I generally prefer offering them in pot, so that love continues flourishing without fading. But it would be a pity to leave a plant chosen with love in an anonymous plastic pot, so I like to DIY my plants pots. And why not create a chalkboard flower pot, ready to be customised with a personal message?

Have a loook, it’s really simple to make:



Orange is the happiest Colour – Frank Sinatra

Koningsdag, King’s Day in Amsterdam

On Wednesday, it was Koningsdag, King’s Day in Amsterdam. It truly reflects Dutch way of life, it isn’t a pompous ceremony but a simple and warm holiday overflowing in the city and a chance for everyone to have fun. The whole city and inhabitants adorn orange, Dutch King’s color, for the event. From children stalls to classical music concerts & boat techno parade, everybody is welcome in Koningsdag and each will find the perfect place to feast. (more…)


Hallo !

A week in Amsterdam, first day in NDSM area

Some readers who subscribed to the newsletter guessed it; thanks to a home exchange, we’re in Amsterdam since Saturday. From the living room, we count barges passing on the canal. In the kitchen, we can great cyclists riding in the street & lying in bed daydreaming while watching chestnut tree pointing upwards. And stepping outside ? We just have to get on bikes to discover this amazing city. (more…)

moon card free printable

Fly me to the moon

“Love you to the moon and back” ready to print card


“All happiness or unhappiness solely depends upon the quality of the object to which we are attached by love. ”

Baruch Spinoza

Mothers Day will be on the 8th of May, but it’s never too early to declare love – or start to prepare a surprise. But any day is the perfect one to say I love you to the moon and back, to infinity… and beyond !

Challenge successfully faced, I succeeded in naming Spinoza AND Buzz Lightyear in a single post. After the moon colouring sheet, I purpose you this ready to print “love you to the moon and back” card template. (more…)