birdhouse box

free as a bird

Birdhouse box template ready to print

When baking a special treat for a beloved one, we wish to find a box as lovely as our present. This birdhouse box template is ideal to giftwrap a cupcake, some cookies or sweet. Labelled “free as a bird”, this birdhouse box might be the perfect present to say thank you teacher before holidays.

It’s really simple to make with a free template ready to print.


pizza carpaccio de boeuf

My Summer favorite

A healthy pizza recipe for Summer : rocket & beef carpaccio pizza

Discovered and adopted this Spring in Porto this carpaccio pizza is already a favorite at Be Frenchie house. Light and healthy, carpaccio pizza is also simple to prepare. If you’re looking for an easy summer recipe, I’m sure you’ll like this one :


tableau string art

On a string

String art DIY made easy 

When I was born, clogs, Bee Gees and string art where trendy. If both first made a deafening comeback, why not give a second chance to string art too ?

Regularly, I like to add new twist to our home decoration. And being on a budget should never prevent of big ideas. I wanted to make something graphic and coloured for Phileas’s bedroom. It was the perfect occasion to try a string art DIY, but with a contemporary twist.

volcan hengill

Boiling soil

Hiking in Hengill geothermic area in Iceland

It’s a country made of ice & fire. This rough nature which forged Icelanders personnality, struggling every winter for their survival, today bring them a resource of inexhaustible energy. Imagine, 70 % of Iceland primary energies comes from geothermal (and for the rest, there are dams). Not need to dig deeply, soil boils and cracks under our feet. Weather is pretty bad today, so we’re just gonna make a family day out around Reykjavik. Making a home exchange allows us to take time to explore places forgotten by tourists. Today, we’re completely alone despite only being a few km from Thingvellir. No travel guide mentions Nesjavellir and Hengill area but we already came here during our first trip in Iceland and know it deserves to come back.


tartine saumon fumé avocat

made with pumpernickel

Smoked salmon – avocado – radish toast recipe for Spring

Do you know pumpernickel? It’s a flavored compact dark complete rye bread coming from Germany. I like to use it to make gourmet toast, when I have no time, or desire to make a proper meal. Accompanied by a soup, it makes in a couple of minutes an improvised but balanced meal.

Here’s my favorite toast with those lovely Spring crispy radishes: a smoked salmon – avocado – radish toat made with pumpernickel.